REACH Therapy Services

Our Fees

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Our fees are based on the type and location of service requested. Some fees may be covered by private insurance plans. Occupational therapy fees are HST exempt and eligible as a medical expense with the Canada Revenue Agency.


Assessment/ Intervention/ Consultation Visits

  • $120.00 per visit (based on a 1 hour session).
  • A written report is not included in this fee. If a written report is required, refer to pricing below.


Assessment Package

  • $575.00- includes 2 assessment visits, one feedback visit, written report with recommendations


School Visit/Meeting

  • $120.00 per hour.



  • Mileage and travel time up to 1 hour are included for each visit. (If the travel time is greater than 1 hour due to the distance to the client visit, additional fees must be negotiated with the assigned therapist.)


Cancellation Policy

  • No charge will be made for cancelled visits provided adequate notice is given to the therapist via telephone or email. If the therapist arrives for the visit and the client is not available for the session, there will be a charge of $50.00.



  • $250.00 for a written assessment report with recommendations.
  • $150.00 (based on a 1-3 page report) . Examples include interim, progress, home/school programs and/or discharge reports/recommendations.


Other forms

  • $25.00 and up


Phone/email consultation

  • first 10 minutes free
  • remaining time @ $120.00 per hour