REACH Therapy Services

Our Services

Boy writing at table
At REACH Therapy Services we work to maximize function, participation and satisfaction with daily occupations through:


Sister helps brother tying shoe


  • individual therapy or group programs
  • prescription of assistive devices, including adaptive technology and writing aids
  • environmental accommodations and modifications



  • parent and family coaching
  • school and community education, workshops
  • community resource information, disability awareness



  • occupational issues of concern, including daily self care, productive and leisure/play occupationsBoy cutting paper with scissors
  • sensory processing, gross and fine motor skills, functional cognitive and perceptual abilities
  • written productivity, including the development of printing / writing / keyboarding
  • prevocational and life skills
  • environmental factors (physical, sensory, social)



  • accommodations and strategies for preschool / school
  • universal design
  • program design and staff development
  • liaison and referral


Health Promotion

  • early identification and prevention of secondary health, social, behavioural and academic issues
    related to identified functional issues
  • advocacy
  • support to self help groups


We provide services in our client’s natural environment whenever possible. This may include a client’s home, preschool, school, leisure facility or other community location.