REACH Therapy Services

Our Values

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At REACH Therapy Services, we strive for Excellence. Our occupational therapists are:



Our therapists have graduate training and/or have attended many workshops, conferences and courses over the years. We have developed expertise in a number of models of practice, assessments and intervention approaches.



Our therapists participate in teaching and research at McMaster University and the University of Toronto. These activities help to keep us up to date and aware of the scientific evidence that guides our practice. Many of our therapists are published authors and lecture internationally.



Most of our therapists have at least 20 years of clinical experience working with children, youth and families. We have worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, children’s treatment centres, child care centres, preschools, schools and client homes. At REACH, we all work as a team, problem-solving and learning from each other. Our clients have the benefit of our combined experience.



We believe in the importance of seeing children and youth in their natural context, so we provide our services at home, in child care centres, preschools and where permitted at school. We do not use a clinic space.



We enable children, youth and families to participate in the occupations of daily life that are important to them. We design every program individually for the needs and abilities of the child or youth and family.



Working within a family-centred approach, one of our main objectives is to help the adults in the environment (parents, teachers, special needs workers etc.) to understand the child or youth, to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to support his/her development and to advocate for his/her needs. We don’t typically use long term intervention approaches, but rather we aim to transfer our knowledge to enable optimal empowerment, engagement, participation and understanding.



The quality of our service is our top priority. We negotiate goals with the child or youth, and their family. We only recommend interventions that are evidence-based and appropriate for the specific situation. We monitor progress towards those goals continuously. We do not require families to make any long term commitments or contract for any predetermined number of sessions. Our decision-making is transparent and collaborative.



In addition to monitoring goal achievement, since the establishment of REACH in 1997, families who have received service from us have completed client satisfaction questionnaires. Our ratings are consistently excellent. Families especially value our ability to engage with their child, to provide practical strategies and resources, and to help them and others to understand and support their child’s development.